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About Sissonne

A universal dancing school in association with CSTD (the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing), one of the world’s international dance societies serving dance societies worldwide for more than 80 years, CSTD was formed to establish Examination Standards and to raise the dance disciplines standards, the examinations are held throughout Australasia. CSTD provides syllabi at examination standard levels covering many dance disciplines, from classical ballet, modern jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, demi-character, song and dance, tropes, and more.


Sissonne has formed a faculty locally and internationally for the purpose of developing competitive dancers in the local and global arena. Guest teachers are from USA, Russia, and Switzerland. Sissonne has enrolled students for YAGP, CSTD completions, Joffrey Summer Intensive Courses, Juilliard Summer Intensive courses in Switzerland, USA, and more.  Sissonne would like to groom the young students in the international arena 




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Message From The Principal

Welcome young dancers to Sissonne Dance Art. I am happy to speak to you here about the school, first of all, since the opening of Sissonne Dance Art in 2013, we have been associated with CSTD (The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing). We are a universal dancing school which means we offer various dancing programs.


Our teaching programs are prepared based on CSTD syllabi so that the students have a choice of dancing styles and are able to enjoy so much in our school. The good news is that the programs are designed so students can progress season by season and aim to pass the grades through the examination process so that students in the past have achieved excellent results not only at the various competitions locally and internationally, but if you opt to gain admission to the particular schools with CSTD grades it would be achievable here at our school.


We are enthusiastic to take care of the young students because we are a “passionate, dedicated and experienced group of teachers”. Comprehensive success depends on how you learn with us however, all elements of the teaching curriculum here are prepared for you. Lastly, let me assure you that we are confident to bring you up to the next level from whatever level you will start with. So join us today and achieve your goal while enjoying various dancing with our teachers together. 


Creed: No Prejudice, No Discrimination, No Solicitation and with Reverence at our school 

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Sissonne Dance Art

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Tel: 6467 7340

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