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Pick Your Passion

The teachers would like to arrange the trial first so that the school is able to give clear suggestions for the selection of grading and other useful suggestions; therefore, please describe what style of dance you are interested in and your state of dancing experience.


 The administration shall contact you to finalize the time and date for your trial. 


Trial is free of charge.


Please fill out the form here and provide your personal information; alternatively you can also WhatsApp us at +6597309510

Thanks for submitting!

Ballet Show

Song & Dance

The course is designed to groom students in the theoretical syllabus and nurture exploiting the ability to listen to sounds, movements, singing, creativity, and perform an integrated mechanism and let them have their own preferences to deepen a wide range of music-related enjoyment. Sissonne won first place with Annie in the past seasons.  

Hip Hop

The syllabi from CSTD, each level, are choreographed by different artists in a fun, relaxed, and engaging manner that lets students be enthusiastic about the movements and music. Brain Garment Drake brings the students the Northern California Hip Hop style movements, where he originated, and the original hip-hop excitement. Brian as a guest teacher organizes the seasonal master classes for Sissonne Dance Art. Sissonne performers placed in the top tiers at the Singapore and regional competitions in the past. Hip Hop dancers must take up modern dance or classical ballet to participate in Hip Hop classes as a fundamental requirement. 

Dancer with Cloud Background
Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

Classical Ballet

The syllabus provides a necessary to scaffold almost entire performing art movements that all students are recommended to go through. Basic movements are derived from several segments, plier, entendre, relever, sauter, touner, glisser and elencer. Lessons are for improving posture, developing poise and coordination, and controlling the body with the discipline of ballet technics.


Sissonne sent out the competitive level of ballet students after many years of effort both by the teachers and the students to the APDC, World Dance Competitions, YAGP in SEA, USA, and Europe. Those condensers are namely Sakura Uchikawa, Leah Ann Mak, Summer Chua, and Paige Huang, in association with Teacher Olga Mirza from ex-Bolshoi Academy, currently a faculty at Royal Danish Ballet School in Denmark. Sakura had placed in top-12 at San Diego YAGP semi-final in 2020, and she was awarded to the Juilliard Summer Intensive in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2020, and Florida in 2022. 

Tap Dance

Students will enjoy a full-bodied, rhythmical tap lesson to refine footwork and musicality. CSTD tap syllabus is a completed training package with a graduated developmental program depending on the age group. There are set dances for each grade; however, the teacher may choose to show their choreography for any grade in place of the set dance. Sissonne groomed the competitive tap dances year by year, and many of them placed in top positions at the CSTD Singapore and regional competitions. The recent notable number of tap dance performers are originally trained and groomed by Sissonne Dance Art. 

Tap Shoes
Hip Hop Class

Jazz Dance

The syllabus is prepared for students who love motion together with rhythm, expression, and technique to utilize the body for fast pace, upbeat improvisation, and combine the music and traditional African dance and some European dance. CSTD modern jazz is combined with lyrical and contemporary styles and the classical line of Jazz ballet. At Sissonne Dance Art, there are many students who have been trained by CSTD-certified teachers (all grades) from Australia and Singapore. Many students appeared one after another and cleared the seasonal examinations. The Jazz programs developed Singapore’s leading Jazz dancing performers/competitors, namely Sakura Uchikawa, Leah Ann Mak, Summer Chua, and Page Huang. 

National Dance

Students shall be introduced to National dance from the early stage of classical ballet syllabi, although examinations are not required until reaching grade 5. The CSTD syllabus is designed to introduce the basic steps and patterns of National Dance and is not related to any specific country. In association with the particular teachers with CSTD certifications, Sissonne Dance Art is programmed National Dance classes under the classical ballet curriculum.



The syllabus and its technique by CSTD prepared with Mr. Jason Winters is designed in the most classical and academic way and infused with choreographic magnitude. Its technique, per Graham and Horton technique, combines a sense of movement, flow, energy, and breath that has been exploited over the years and focused on fluid contemporary dancers. Under leadership by teachers, Zoey Camilleri and Delia Tan organize the schedules.  


A dance combines ballet, jazz, and acrobatics and uses music with lyrics. It is danced faster than ballet but not as fast as jazz. Lyrical dancing lends itself to the dancer’s emotional response rather than the basic formal choreographic structure. 

Break Dancer
Actress on a Stage

Demi Character

Generally found in addition to classical ballet sections at dance competitions. They allow ballet dancer to showcase their technique whilst portraying a character. The storyline has a beginning, middle, and end. Props may be used to assist in the portrayal of their characters. Gestures, facial expressions, and movement is used to tell the story. Sissonne has a tradition of sending dancers to this genre to the CSTD competitions. 

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